Whole Cakes, Individual Slices and Cup Cakes

  • Apple Frangipane Slice

    Apple Frangipane Slice

  • Belgian Mousse

    Belgian Mousse

  • Berry Trifle Cake

    Berry Trifle Cake

  • Chocolate Brownies

    Chocolate Brownies

  • Coconut and Lime Cake

    Coconut and Lime Cake

  • Lemon Lime Tart

    Lemon Lime Tart

  • Lemon Tart

    Tarte Au Citron 

  • NY Cheesecake

    New York Cheesecake

  • Oscar Torte

    Oscar Torte

  • Oscar Torte

    To die for chocolate gateaux

  • Passionfruit


  • Passionfruit Slice

    Passionfruit Slice

  • Petite French Tarts

    Petite French Tarts

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